Minibems – the solution

A minibems system is the solution to inefficient heating systems…

THE PROBLEM – unmanaged heating system

Up to 50% of heat can be lost from unregulated heating systems with poor system control.

Constant temperature and constant volume heating systems do the following:

> Reduce boiler efficiency

> Short cycle boilers

> Increase distribution heat losses

> Increase pump electrical consumption

> Use more fuel

THE SOLUTION – minibems controls

Minibems enables significant energy cost and carbon reductions in complex heating environments.

Minibems controls intelligently monitor and regulate your heating system

> Dynamic heat network temperature control

> Weather compensation

> Efficiency through control

> Reduced return temperatures

> Fuel cost reduction

Dynamic heat network temperature control

Minibems offers the flexibility to control the temperature of multiple heating zones within your heat network – removing the pre-requisite of other systems to determine one temperature setting for all areas.


Weather compensation

Minibems utilises weather compensation technology to moderate heating system temperatures according to outside temperatures.

Radiator temperatures are modulated according to building requirement, allowing the heating system to run more smoothly and in accordance with the buildings actual requirement. This increases both energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Smart M&E minibems BEMS heating controls CHP Biomass natural Gas Heat Networks

Reduced return temperatures

Minibems reduces heating system return temperatures to increase efficiency of the boiler plant.

Boiler efficiency is directly related to return temperature – reducing the temperature of the heat coming back increases the boiler efficiency.


Fuel cost reduction

Lifecycle analysis shows that the above features can lead to a 25% or more reduction in fuel input into complex heating systems.




Smart M&E minibems BEMS heating controls CHP Biomass natural Gas Heat Networks


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