Environmental Benefits of Timber Biomass Fuels

Carbon neutral – The CO2 emissions from the cultivation, processing, transportation and combustion of wood fuels are 70% less than that of their fossil fuel counterparts.

> Sustainable – to encourage energy producers to use fuels that guarantee at least a 60% CO2 saving compared to the european fossil fuel average, the UK government have produced a list of woodfuel providers which meet sustainability requirements so that anyone buying fuel can choose to buy responsibly farmed, processed and transported timber fuel.


All organic matter releases carbon into the atmosphere, whether it’s being burnt or decomposing. When burnt, fossil fuels have no means to counterbalance the carbon emissions they release.



Wood biomass only releases the carbon it has absorbed and retained during it’s life and the responsible production of biomass fuels ensures trees are planted to replace harvested wood.



This creates a closed carbon cycle, absorbing and releasing carbon over decades, making it possible for your heating emissions to be carbon neutral within your lifetime.