Commercial Biomass Boilers

Biomass energy is most commonly produced by combusting or “gasifying” timber, a process which has been greatly improved upon in the last 60 years – modern timber biomass boilers have efficiencies of up to 98%.


Timber biomass boilers are suitable for all heat generation applications, offering:


> Inbuilt controls, remote visualisation and diagnostics

Quality biomass boilers are delivered with plug and play visualisation capability, allowing you, or your facility management representative to remotely control and monitor the boiler. Visualisation of your plant room can dramatically reduce system downtime, aiding in preemptive measures, off site diagnostics and remote access to controls.


> Efficiency built in

Biomass boiler systems are designed to work seamlessly with buffer tanks (water stores), which eliminate short cycling, reducing excess fuel consumption and additional wear and tear of mechanical parts.


> Budget Stability

Timber biomass fuel is not subject to the same fluctuation of prices that has seen oil and gas costs increase by as much as 10% in just 12 months (Aug ’16 – Aug ’17). The timber fuel industry in the UK remains competitive, allowing customers to shop around.



Why Smart M&E?

Our experts have had hands on experience in the installation, and operation of over 6MW of Biomass heating systems. We apply this knowledge to our system designs to ensure that they are sized correctly and fit your needs.

Business Benefits


Reduced costs

Switching to timber fuel could save you between 10 – 74% on your fuel costs


Remote monitoring software is often built in to top range boilers, such as Fröling, allowing you to run your system in the most efficient way for your needs.


A well built biomass boiler can easily out live a gas or oil burner

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